COVID-19 - GSA Update

In line with current COVID-19 health recommendations, please note the following update on our opening hours, deliveries, customer orders and production.

Latest Updates

  • Our warehouse and head office remain open, with reduced staff numbers.
  • Our team is available during normal office hours, but may be working remotely.
  • All orders are progressing normally, production schedules have returned to normal.
  • Delivery and shipping has been impacted by the reduction in air travel. Please let us know your deadlines to ensure your order arrives in time.

Opening Hours and Deliveries

We remain open and are continuing to process orders as normal. Most of our team members are now working remotely, however our office and warehouse remains open and will be staffed by least one team member during business hours. We encourage all customers to contact us by phone or email, and to arrange for orders to be delivered rather than picked up, where possible.

Production and freight

Our factories have put in place all required health precautions and production schedules have returned to normal. We are continuing to receive goods in our warehouse however delivery times have been affected by the reduction in air freight and other shutdowns in Australia. Please contact your Account Manager to discuss you’re the details of your orders. We can prioritize urgent orders where required. 


Please get in touch if you have any concerns or questions. We hope everyone in the sporting community stays safe over the next few weeks and we are looking forward to the resumption of playing seasons in the coming months.

Contact us anytime on 07 3265 2900 | | 


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