Hear that whistle? Time to get ready for the 2019 season!

All events take us a step closer to the 2019 sporting calendar and whatever sport it is, your club is preparing for the influx of new players and the organisation of volunteers, uniforms and fixtures.

Similarly to hundreds of previous seasons, the success of a sports club relates to the investment of time and money by parents, players and volunteers, helping to build a community of friends and contacts with a common interest. In a sporting club whereby ages may range from under six to over 70 years old, this network is immeasurable.

If you ask a Club President about their busiest time of the year, 90% of the time the response will be mid January to mid March. It is at this time the challenges are registering the entire playing community and volunteers with roles as coaches, managers and physiotherapists. Players are involved in selection matches and subsequently selected into teams and given information to make sure they are ready once the new season officially kicks of.

Eventually, clubs have full teams, coaches, Captains, fixtures, allied health staff and crisp, smart new uniforms. It doesn’t matter what age you are. The appearance of new uniforms, especially amongst the younger members of the club to whom the experience would be relatively new, brings on a different level of excitement. The kind of excitement whereby a child’s new football boots aren’t anywhere to be seen, until said child gets out of bed in the morning - still with boots on.
The concentrated effort of all over these two months is immense. It is therefore important to have the processes and systems in place to manage the annual rush with the minimum of chaos – which is at the very crux of running any successful clubhouse all around Australia.
Whether Club President or Club Member, the common goals is to reach the finals and ultimately, win. An influx of new players, possible new facilities, uniforms and the spirit of all involved is enough to make anyone feel connected to what’s ahead and being ready to tackle the new season.

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