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Sarina Saints 2019 Standout Star

Gorilla Sports | GSA 2019 Junior Talent Scholarship recipient Toby Wynd pushed his limits this year.  The 16-year old high school student and Sarina Saints player stepped up in 2019 to play as Goalkeeper in the men’s team.  Not only did he push out of his comfort zone to play with the men, Toby and his team had a terrific run, being undefeated all season. 

We caught up with Toby to hear about his highlights for the year. 

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What team did you play in this year?

I played for the men’s Sarina Saints Football Club this year.

What position did you play?

I play the position of goalkeeper.

How did your team go this season?

Our team went very well. We were undefeated the whole season. Now all we have to do is beat our opponents in the finals.

What was the highlight of the 2019 season for your team? And for you personally as a football player?

I’d say the highlight of this past season for our team is coming back from being down 2-1 and winning our most recent game to keep the undefeated title throughout the season. A highlight for me personally is keeping the amount of goals scored against the team lower than all the other teams in our division. There have been 20 goals scored past me over the duration of the 20-game season, which is 10 goals less then the next lowest amount.

Funniest moment playing this year?

A funny moment for me this season would be when I kicked the ball right to an opposing attacker, basically giving them a free goal. It wasn’t funny in the moment, but I can look back on it now and laugh as it was quite a silly mistake.

What skill do you think you’ve improved the most this year?

The skill that I’ve most improved this year is my diving. Last year I was scared to dive in goals because I was scared of getting hurt. Throughout this year my diving has significantly improved because I’ve learnt how to dive properly to stop myself from getting seriously injured. Now I’m focused more on stopping that ball from going in the goal than stopping myself from getting hurt.

What do you want to improve for next year?

Next year I hope to improve my distribution of the ball. My goal kicks are definitely my weakest point so improving on them will benefit me as a goalkeeper and the whole team as well.

What are your other hopes for playing next year?

My other hopes for playing next year would be to keep the undefeated title throughout next year’s season, the same as what we have done for this season.

Best thing about your club?

The best thing about the Saints is the people. Everyone that does work either on the field or off are great people to talk to and are very easy to get along with. Whether it be at games or at other events with the club, you’ll always have a great time with everyone around you.

Best thing about playing football?

The best thing about playing football for me is walking onto that pitch and hearing the ref blow the whistle to kick off. It gives me a rush of adrenaline and from that point on until the final whistle, I do everything I can in the game to ensure that we not only win but have fun while doing it.

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