St Pauls Star Scholarship

Jennifer Ndayizeye has a natural talent when it comes to football. The determined 16-year-old proved it this year when she stepped up to make her debut on the Senior Women’s Division 1 side at St Pauls Uniting Sporting Club. 

The defender’s growth and extraordinary ability stood out to the team here at GSA, which is why she was chosen for the inaugural Gorilla Sports Junior Talent Scholarship Program in 2019.

Jennifer Ndayizeye

The Scholarship Program is part of GSA’s commitment to community football and focus on making participation in football about skill, not money. We believe that if you’ve got the talent then you should have the opportunity to get on the field.

The Scholarship supports participation for talented junior football players, by funding up to 70% of the player’s annual club fees and can sometimes mean the difference between a player getting to participate or not. We don’t want a potential future Socceroo or Matilda to be sidelined for any reason!

With the help of the Gorilla Sports Junior Talent Scholarship our goal is for Jennifer to stay involved in football over the coming years, continue to develop her talents and challenge herself.

We caught up with Jennifer to ask her a few questions about the highlights of her 2019 season.

Here’s what she had to say:

What team did you play in this year?

St Pauls Uniting U15/16 girls


What position did you play?



What was the highlight of the 2019 season for your team?

Drawing with the top team


What was a highlight of the 2019 season for you personally?

Talking more on the field and becoming more confident


What do you think you’ve improved the most this year?

Being able to juggle the ball more than three times.


What are your hopes for playing next year?

My hopes for playing next year is making the Queensland team.


Best thing about your club?

The coaches are nice because they volunteer their time.


Best thing about playing football?

The physical toughness, discipline and enjoyment.

If you know a deserving player then keep a look out for the 2020 Scholarship program which will be launching in October 2019. $10,000 in scholarship funds will be available for talented junior players aged 8 – 16 years. 

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