What Is Sublimation?

When it comes to ordering sports team uniforms the term "sublimation" comes up a lot. But what does sublimation actually mean and why should you consider it for your sporting club? 

Sublimation has become very popular in recent years for community sporting clubs looking for a unique and cost effective uniform design.  

Sublimation allows your team or club to completely customise its uniform, including logos, colours, patterns, names, numbers and design, for a fixed price per garment.  Sublimation also means all of your club's uniforms has the same unique look, from playing uniforms, off-field, travel and casual apparel. 

Sublimating your team's playing uniforms with the same design on polo shirts, jackets, track suits and even merchandise such as scarves gives your team and club a distinctive, professional look you can all be proud of.   

What is sublimation and how does the process works? 

Sublimation is a method of printing where a design is transferred onto fabric using heat. So your garment's design (e.g. jersey / polo / netball dress) is printed onto paper and then placed on plain white fabric.  

The paper and fabric is then placed together through a large heat press where temperatures of 170 to 200 degrees are applied, transferring the design on the paper onto the white fabric.  Finally the various panels (front, back, sleeves) of the fabric are sewn to complete the manufacturing process.

There are many different types of fabrics that can be used in sublimation, including lightweight material perfect for football jerseys and netball dresses, heavy durable fabric used for rugby jerseys and rugby shorts, lycra used in netball shorts and paneling, as well as fabrics for spray jackets, track suits, hoodies and much more.   

When it comes to sublimation, there is almost no limit to what you can do in terms of design and colour.  Thanks to advances in printing, the pricing is extremely competitive compared to more traditional sports uniform options like embroidery. 

For most sporting clubs, we would recommend sublimation as the most flexible and cost effective option for a whole-of-club solution.  

We are always happy to help if you have any questions about sublimation and if it is right for your sports team or club.  Give us a call anytime for a obligation free chat, we'd love to hear about your club!


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