Ball Care Information

Gorilla Sports Custom Sports Balls


When you first get your new ball only partially inflate it.

Let it stretch for 12 hours so that the seams can spread evenly.

Then fill it with air to match pressure and leave it for another 24 hours. After that let it deflate a little and “shrink” back for 12 hours.

This technique is called Shaping and will give your ball it’s round even shape. 


  1. You must use a pump that has a needle, (beware petrol station pumps as they blow away bladders and damage balls)
  2. The tip of the needle must be lubricated lightly, (use glycerine etc)
  3. Insert the needle vertically NOT at an angle or horizontally,
  4. Pump to the specified pressure only.
Soccer Balls are meant to be kicked from person to person and not against things like walls, bricks and other hard objects. Keep the soccer balls on the grass. Keep the soccer balls off concrete.


Our guarantee on manufacturing faults.

One year on shape and stitching when used correctly and inflated in accordance with instructions.