What sports do you supply?

Gorilla Sports | GSA is a full service teamwear supplier and workwear supplier. Sports we service include: football (soccer), netball, rugby, AFL, league, hockey, basketball, rowing, athletics, cricket, bowls, quidditch, fishing, darts, roller derby and more.  We also supply school leaver shirts and a wide range of off-field apparel.  Drop us a line to discuss your unique design. 


What types of team uniforms can we buy?

We offer two main types teamwear:

  • Sublimated apparel, which can be fully customised. Sublimation orders are custom made in our factory.
  • Ready to go stock apparel, which can be purchased “as is”, or customised through applying club or sponsor logos, names and numbers.
  • Off-field apparel, such as jackets, hoodies and polos. These can be fully customised or sold as ready to go stock.


What is sublimation?

  • Sublimation is a printing process where designs are directly printed on to fabric, the fabric is then cut and sewn together to make the garment.
  • Sublimation allows sporting teams, clubs, associations, schools and businesses to fully customise their apparel with unique colours, designs, sponsors, numbers and names.


Can you design our uniform?

  • Yes, we can create a unique design for your club, work with an existing design, use a design you have come up with yourself, or you can choose from one of our templates.
  • All our design work is done in house in Brisbane.


Can you match our existing uniform?

  • We can match your existing uniform design, as long as your club “owns” the design. We cannot directly copy a design created by another apparel company or designer, but we can create something similar.
  • We can also match colours, however this is only possible by providing us with a physical sample.


What are turnaround times

Turnaround times differ between products. 

  • For sublimated products, customised socks and customised cut n sew apparel, the normal turnaround is 4 – 6 weeks, from the date you confirm your order with us.
  • For ready-to-go stock products, we can ship to customers immediately, or if you would like to add customisation (such as logos and numbers), the turnaround time varies for the customisation you need:
    • Embroidery: 2 weeks
    • Heat sealed logos, numbers and letters: 2 – 4 business days
    • Screenprinting: 2 weeks


What is your Ordering Process for custom designs?

  • We will discuss your design ideas and other order details, such as sizing, numbers, and timing.
  • Your order is then processed and all the details confirmed with you. Before production, we require a 50% deposit payment.  We require a deposit because customised designs can’t be resold if you change your mind.
  • Production artwork is then created, approved and then full production starts.
  • The process from order/design confirmation to delivery is usually 4 – 6 weeks.


What are minimum order quantities?

  • Sublimated apparel: 10 units. For orders under 30 pieces a small quantity charge applies, as well as a design fee. 
  • Customised Cut N Sew: 50. For orders under 30 pieces a small quantity charge applies, as well as a design fee. 
  • Ready to go stock: no minimum order quantities apply


What types of fabrics do you use?

  • We use high quality light-weight, durable and moisture-wicking fabrics designed for optimal performance in sports environments.
  • Our recommended fabric for most playing jerseys and shorts is Aerolite.
  • For polo shirts, singlets and netball dresses, we recommend is Needle Fabric.
  • Below is a summary of the main fabrics used in our sportswear range.
  • Aerolite: a light-weight, durable and moisture wicking fabric excellent for most sports. Aerolite is a 150gsm polyester material that is perfect for sublimation and the basis of much of our stock range.
  • Needle: a ultra-comfortable high performance 150gsm polyester material perfect for polo shirts, singlets and netball dresses.
  • Ultra-light: an ultra-lightweight stretch fabric used in our performance jerseys. Ultra-light is a premium fabric most commonly used for senior or high-performance teams. 
  • GSA Lycra: used in netball shorts and performance netball dresses, our lycra can be sublimated or added to a garment as “cut n sew” to improve flexibility and movement.
  • Dura-Weave: super durable woven poly elastane fabric designed for shorts (training shorts, referee shorts and travel shorts) and cut n sew jackets.
  • Socks: our football socks are 22% cotton / 60% nylon / 18% spandex, with a mesh foot for improved breathability. Available in traditional turnover or no turnover styles. 


Sizing and Fit

  • Our jerseys and shirts (playing shirts, polo shirts) are available in Slim Fit, Regular Fit, Ladies Fit and Children’s sizes.
  • Our standard sizing is Slim Fit up to size XL and Regular Fit for larger sizes.
  • Detailed size charts are available on our website, the table below provides a conversion guide for our Children’s sizing.


GSA sizing






Standard sizing







Do you have sizing kits available?

  • Yes, we have sizing kits for our most popular styles. We can lend these out to your club. 
  • Sizing kits can be picked up from our showroom, or posted out to you. We ask for you to return borrowed sizing kits within 2 weeks. 



  • Orders can be picked up free of charge from our showroom. Delivery costs depend on the size of the order and delivery location. 
  • Delivery is usually by courier except where Australia Post is the only service available. Delivery times depend on the delivery location.


What happens if something is wrong with our order?

  • Please let us know if there is anything wrong with your order. For any mistakes we have made or faulty product, your garment will be replaced. 
  • We do require the faulty product to be returned and / or photos of the problem item to be sent to us to verify.


How are you different to other companies?

  • Service: our customer service is the best in the market. We are a Queensland based business with all decision making, management, customer service, production, design and support based in North Brisbane.  We control our range, our brand and our service. 
  • Experience: We specialise in supplying to community sporting clubs. We understand the challenges and complexity faced by club committees managing running sporting clubs combined with their day jobs.  Our team are personally involved with sporting clubs as well as working with committees as customers every day.  We take pride in our understanding of our customers’ unique circumstances.
  • Quality: We stand by our products. Our garments are constructed to last for multiple playing seasons.  Our fabrics are high quality, light-weight and durable.  We use a 3-step QC process to ensure consistency of quality in the products we provide our customers. 
  • Reliability: We do not make false promises. We give you honest and realistic information about delivery timeframes.  Our garments are tried and tested.  Our sizing is the same across years and garment types. 


Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, for clubs seeking apparel, we offer Club Pricing, which is available by signing up as a club through our website, or contacting us at sales@gorillasports.com.au.  For other wholesale enquiries, please contact us via email or phone. 


Do you offer sponsorship?

Yes, we do offer sponsorship to clubs that choose GSA as their preferred apparel supplier.  Contact us via email or phone to discuss sponsorship opportunities. 


Football FAQ (Soccer)

Do you sell Goal Keeping kits?

Yes, we sell GK jerseys (long sleeve padded and short sleeve) and padded GK shorts.  We don’t sell GK gloves.


Can we add numbers and names to jerseys?

Yes, we can apply numbers and names in-house.  We stock black and white as standard colours, and can make up other colours as required. 


Do you offer ladies fit in football kits?

  • Yes, all our sublimation products are available in ladies cut (shirts and shorts).


Do you sell balls and equipment?

  • Yes, we stock a range of training and match footballs, as well as a wide range of football equipment and accessories, such as training bibs, hurdles, markers and free kick men.
  • We also sell customised training footballs for clubs wanting to add their own colours, logo and / or sponsors to their balls.


Netball FAQ

Can we add extra length to the dresses?

  • Yes, we can add extra length to dresses in your order (5cm is the most common). You can tell us which dresses need the extra length applied.  Only 1 length variation can be added per order (e.g. all extra length dresses need to be 5cm longer, not some at 3cm and some at 5cm). 


Do your dresses have Velcro patches?

  • Yes, all dresses come with front and back Velcro patches, which will be positioned based on the measurements you give us, or can be our standard size and position.
  • We also sell matching bib sets made to your club colours and dress design.


Do you sell balls and equipment?

  • Yes, we stock training and match netballs, as well as a range of equipment and accessories, such as bib sets, hurdles and markers.
  • We also sell customised training footballs for clubs wanting to add their own colours, logo and / or sponsors to their balls.