Gorilla Sports Olympic Vinyl Weight Plate

SKU: 101184-00006-0005

Description: Introducing the Gorilla Sports Olympic Vinyl Weight Plate - the ultimate choice for weightlifters of all levels. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced lifter, these plates are designed to meet your needs and help you achieve your fitness goals.


  • Crafted from a highly compacted cement mixture and coated with a robust vinyl outer for premium quality and durability.
  • Vinyl coating minimizes noise and impact when dropped, enhancing the plate's longevity - perfect for home gyms.
  • Certified Olympic standard design with a 50/51mm hole for a secure and stable fit on Olympic-grade barbells.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use: Versatile for any workout setting.
  • Wide range of sizes available: Choose from our unique specifications to suit your fitness level.
  • Suitable for Olympic Bars with a 50/51mm mounting section.

Dimensions and Weight:

  • 1.25 kg: Diameter - 16.5 cm | Width - 3.3 cm
  • 2.5 kg: Diameter - 21 cm | Width - 4.3 cm
  • 5 kg: Diameter - 25.5 cm | Width - 5 cm
  • 10 kg: Diameter - 33 cm | Width - 5.7 cm
  • 15 kg: Diameter - 41 cm | Width - 7 cm

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