Gorilla Sports Vinyl Weight Set 105KG - Starlocks

SKU: 101156-00006-0050

Description: Crafted from durable vinyl, these weights offer robustness while being gentle on floors, making them ideal for home or gym use. With an odourless and easy-to-clean design, you can enjoy a hygienic training environment every time. The set includes a barbell and two dumbbells, allowing you to customize your workout routine to target different muscle groups. Whether you're aiming to build muscle, increase strength, or improve overall fitness, this set is suitable for all levels of fitness enthusiasts.


  • The weight plates are compatible with all bars with a 30 mm diameter, and star locks for securing the plates are included in the set.

Weight and Dimensions:

  • Four 1.25 kg weight plates: Diameter 16.5 cm, Width 3.3 cm
  • Eight 2.5 kg weight plates: Diameter 21 cm, Width 4.3 cm
  • Two 7.5 kg weight plates: Diameter 30 cm, Width 5.5 cm
  • Two 10 kg weight plates: Diameter 33 cm, Width 5.7 cm
  • Two 15 kg weight plates: Diameter 41 cm, Width 7 cm
  • One 10 kg barbell bar: Length 170 cm, Storage area of 31.1 cm on each side
  • Two 2.5 kg dumbbell bars: Length 42 cm, Recording area of 14.5 cm on each side

Experience the convenience and versatility of our Plastic Barbell Set 105 kg, designed to enhance your training experience and help you unleash your inner beast!