Gorilla Sports Vinyl Weight Set 105KG - Starlocks (Combo)

SKU: 100083-00006-0050

Description: Are you in the process of professionally equipping your studio? Basic equipment includes various dumbbells with which you can diligently lift the weights. With a total weight of 105 kg, our vinyl dumbbell set offers many options for your training. The set includes many different weight plates and several weight bars. There is a barbell bar, an EZ curl barbell, and two dumbbell bars. You place the discs as needed and can practice with friends thanks to several poles. The weight plates are covered with robust vinyl. This protects the floor and reduces noise when handling.

Features, Weight and Dimensions:

  • 4 weight plates weighing 1.25 kg, diameter 16.5 cm, width 3.3 cm
  • 4 weight plates weighing 2.5 kg, diameter 21 cm, width 4.3 cm
  • 2 weight plates weighing 7.5 kg, diameter 30 cm, width 5.5 cm
  • 2 weight plates with a weight of 10 kg, diameter 33 cm, width 5.7 cm
  • 2 weight plates weighing 15 kg, diameter 41 cm, width 7 cm
  • 1 barbell bar with a weight of 10 kg and a length of 170 cm, storage area of 31.1 cm on each side
  • 1 EZ curl bar with a weight of 8 kg and a length of 120 cm, receiving surface 18 cm on each side
  • 2 dumbbell bars with a weight of 2.5 kg and a length of 35 cm, receiving surface 10.5 cm on each side
  • The weight plates fit all bars with a 30 mm diameter. Star locks for placing the panes are also included in the scope of delivery.