Gym Ball Fitness Ball 55cm - Grey

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Add Variety to Your Training with the 55 cm Exercise Ball

Too much sitting, too little exercise – that's how most Germans' everyday working life can be summarized. The consequences are foreseeable: Many people regularly suffer from back problems, tension, and the resulting headaches. You can train wonderfully against this with an exercise ball. It is ideal for strengthening your back and abdominal muscles. At Gorilla Sports, the colorful balls are available in three sizes and six colors.

The Advantages of the Exercise Balls from Gorilla Sports at a Glance:

  • Resilient synthetic rubber
  • Includes air pump for easy inflation
  • Very stable - up to 500 kg total weight
  • Gentle seating comfort for a healthy spine
  • Easy transport when empty thanks to the valve
  • Material: 49% PVC, 49% rubber additives TBC, 2% auxiliary materials
  • No plasticizers

The exercise balls come with a bellows for inflating them.

Adjust Correctly:

A fitness or exercise ball with a diameter of 55 cm is a small version of the practical and versatile sports equipment. This size is best suited for people up to 160 cm tall. Larger athletes can also use these balls, but cannot perform all exercises with a ball of this size. The choice of color is a question of taste, although it makes sense to purchase different sizes in different colors.

Available in the following versions:

Note: Stiff material - inflation must take place over several days.