Gorilla Sports High Push Up Stand Bar - Blue

SKU: 101126-00030-0001

Elevate Your Arm Training:

Are you seeking a reliable "partner" for challenging and effective arm training? Look no further than our Push Up Stand Dip Bars. These bars offer the perfect opportunity to target not only your triceps but also challenge your chest muscles, taking your push workout to new heights with simple dips and your own body weight.

Enhanced Training Experience:

With a maximum load capacity of 100 kilograms per push-up stand, these dip bars serve as the ideal opponent for your biceps. Despite their stable stand and robust construction, these push-up stands weigh a moderate "seven kilograms," making them easy to transport within your home gym and store to save space. Featuring a handle diameter of 4 cm, a handle length of 66 cm, and dimensions of 68 x 45 x 94 cm, these dip bars ensure a high level of training comfort. Additionally, you have the flexibility to adjust the distance between the stands, influencing the areas of your chest you target during your workout. Experimenting with the setup can provide new challenges and ideas for your routine. Want to increase the intensity further? Simply attach additional weights to your body for more challenging dips.

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions per Stand (L x W x H): 68 x 45 x 94 cm
  • Handle Length: 66 cm
  • Handle Diameter: 4 cm
  • Weight per Stand: 7 kg
  • Delivery Includes 2 Pieces
  • Maximum Load Capacity per Push-Up Stand Bar: 100 kg (total 200 kg)
  • Non-slip and Rubberized Handles for a Secure Hold
  • Color: Blue

Elevate your arm training with the Push Up Stand Dip Bars Blue, designed to provide versatility, comfort, and stability for your challenging workouts.