Gorilla Sports Latex Fitness Band - 120cm - Green

SKU: 101010-00034-0062

Description: Latex fitness bands offer versatile integration into your training regimen and cool-down sessions. Whether you utilize this fitness accessory as a resistance trainer or a pull-up band, the latex fitness band elevates your workout to new heights. Simply stretch it, focusing on controlled movements, or secure it to a bar to work against resistance. This versatile tool allows you to challenge various muscle groups, providing targeted workouts for arms, legs, and even deeper muscle areas. Its compact size makes it perfect for outdoor training or gym sessions. With its smooth, high-quality surface, cleaning is a breeze.


  • Enables effective whole-body training with multiple application options
  • Offers numerous training variations for optimal strength development and muscle toning
  • Suitable for home, gym, or on-the-go workouts
  • Material: Latex
  • Length: 120 cm
  • Thickness: 0.35 mm
  • Available in different versions: 120 cm and 200 cm length / 0.25 mm to 0.65 mm thickness
  • Can be used as a resistance trainer or a pull-up band