Maxxus SmartGym H1

SKU: MX600329-00019-0001
Description: The MAXXUS SmartGym H1 features a timeless and elegant design that enhances any living space. Designed for space-saving wall mounting, the SmartGym H1 boasts a very stable construction. Equipped with a double pull system featuring sturdy aluminum rollers and a steel cable with nylon coating, ensuring durability and smooth operation. The translation ratio of 2:1 ensures efficient and effective workouts. The SmartGym H1 offers a pulling weight of 60 kg, achieved through 24 weight plates, each weighing 2.5 kg. Experience a wide range of training options for the entire body with the SmartGym H1. Comes complete with 2 handles and 2 chain extensions for added versatility.
    • Space-saving design, and exercise variety.
    • The unit arrives almost fully assembled, requiring only the attachment of rear and front panels.
    • Please note that wall-mounting screws and dowels are not included. Given its weight of 100 kg, we recommend wall mounting with the assistance of two individuals.
    • With 24 weight plates, each weighing 2.5 kg, the SmartGym H1 provides a versatile workout experience suitable for all fitness levels.
    • Unlike many strength training machines utilizing a pulley system, the SmartGym H1 ensures that 100% of the selected weight is utilized, without any reduction due to the pulley principle.
    • Built to last, the SmartGym H1 features a steel cable capable of withstanding heavy loads, tested in rigorous long-term tests with up to one ton of pulling weights. The nylon coating, in conjunction with aluminum rollers, ensures smooth and reliable operation.
    • Every detail of the SmartGym H1 is meticulously crafted, including CNC machined aluminum rollers and hand lever for height adjustment. These components offer exceptional stability and longevity.
    • The movable double pull unit of the SmartGym H1 can be adjusted in height across 26 levels, ranging from approximately 27 cm to 175 cm. This flexibility allows for personalized workouts tailored to individual preferences and needs.
    • 63 x 19 x 197 cm