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Maxxus Universal Smith Machine Pro

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Bring the gym home!

This Smith Machine got you covered – professional training at home.  Smith Machine, Functional Trainer, Power Rack, Leg Press, Pull Up and Dips Stations. Create your own full commercial gym with this all in one, ultra-versatile, complete workout station.


• Ball-bearing barbell with a maximum load of 235kg
• Training handles for duplex, lat pull and rowing station included
• Quality steel cables with nylon sheath tested to 400kg
• Built-in duplex station (adjustable in height) including individual handles for extensive training
• Chin-up station, dips station and suspension with a 210kg rating
• Sitting Lat pull
• Barbell left and right rotation and push up
• Single parallel bars
• Barbell standing lifting 
• Barbell shoulder squatting
• Push ups 


  • Maxxus Universal Smith Machine
  • Bonus Pro Multi FID Bench
  • Chrome 50/51mm Olympic
  • 4 Commercial rubber Floor Mats


Dimensions: 140cm (D) x 210cm (W) x 228cm (H) 

Standard Exercise Range / Muscle groups 

• Cross over/standing Lat pull
• Sitting Lat pull
• Barbell left and right rotation and push up
• Single parallel bars
• Barbell standing lifting 
• Barbell shoulder squatting
• Push ups 
• Pull ups 
• Biceps 
• Triceps
• Leg Press 

High evel Bench Press
The ball-bearing barbell bar offers a training feeling like you never left the Gym. The smooth running of the guides pays off both with smaller weights and with high weight loads. The barbell bar has the obligatory corrugation in the holding area for the best possible grip. By turning the barbell bar, it is hooked securely. If you would like to work out with a separate barbell bar, you can use the standard shelves, which can be loaded up to a maximum of 300kg. 

Duplex station
Instead of a simple lat pulldown, the MAXXUS Universal Smith Machine has a height-adjustable duplex station with two cable connections, on which both conventional pulling exercises such as lat pulldowns or triceps presses are possible, as well as crossover pulling exercises. This makes the MAXXUS Universal Smith Machine the ideal back trainer, because the variety of pulling exercises is almost inexhaustible. The two individual handles are included in the scope of delivery.

Rowing station
Another important back exercise is rowing, which is easily possible thanks to the rowing station. Up to 150kg can be used for the rowing exercises. The rudder handle is included. Of course, the cable connection can also be used for countless pulling exercises from below. Standing rowing, for example, is a very effective and popular exercise for many strength athletes.

Lat exercises
The Maxxus Universal Smith Machine has two cable connections from above. In addition to the individual handles, a lat pull bar can also be connected. Both cable connections can be used independently of one another; pulling lat is one of the most important exercises for the back. The high design of the Maxxus Universal Smith Machine enables the boom to be extended far up so that the exercise can be carried out correctly, which is usually not possible with low cable connections.

Dip station
The height of the dip station is adjustable to suit all body sizes. Dips work the triceps and muscle groups in the shoulders and the chest as well as core and balance. That is why you should include dips in your strength training. 

Market Leading Quality
The Maxxus Universal Smith Machine was developed and designed by keen strength athlete, that have poured all their knowledge and experience into this high-quality piece of equipment. This machine was designed for training without space restriction and to ensure that movements can be performed correctly and ergonomically to prevent injuries.


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