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Gorilla Sports Neoprene Weight Plate Set - Black 10kg (2x 5kg)

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With the neoprene weight plates set, you can train in a more versatile and individual way

The neoprene weight plate set offers you all the advantages you would expect from a modern, versatile weight set! Simply put together your individual training weight yourself! Regardless of whether you are a beginner or already have a lot of experience with regard to the corresponding workouts: after a short time you will surely have found the combinations that best suit your individual expectations!
Another advantage: due to the fact that the individual weight plates can be distinguished from each other at first glance based on their different colors, you benefit from a particularly high level of user comfort and do not have to search for a specific weight for a long time before you can continue your training.

The advantages and details of the neoprene weight plate set at a glance

  • The individual plates can be easily distinguished from one another on the basis of different colours.
  • Dimensions of the neoprene weight plates 1 - 5 kg:
    • Red: 1 kg, 15 cm in diameter, 2 cm in height
    • Green: 2 kg, 16.5 cm in diameter, 3 cm in height
    • Light blue: 3 kg, 18 cm in diameter, 3.3 cm in height
    • Dark blue: 4 kg, 19 cm in diameter, 3.5 cm in height
    • Black: 5 kg, 20.5 cm diameter, 4 cm height
  • Material: 100% high quality cast iron with neoprene cover
  • Stable, ideal for demanding training sessions
  • Hole diameter: 30/31mm
  • Suitable for training with dumbbells and barbells
  • Easy to grab and pick up the discs thanks to interventions
  • Robust neoprene cover in modern colors
  • Floor-friendly and low-noise thanks to the neoprene cover
  • Clear weight marking

Classic exercises - a dumbbell workout for the whole body

With the help of the neoprene weight plates set, you can train almost all areas of your body. It doesn't matter whether it's in connection with barbells or dumbbells, with regard to squats or classic arm curls: here you can let your (sporty) imagination run wild!
To start, the weight plates simply have to be attached to the bars and securely fixed. After that it starts! Thanks to the robust cover, you don't have to worry about premature signs of wear or early signs of wear. Another advantage: the said neoprene cover also protects the floor in your home gym! In this way, you can often prevent signs of wear in the form of dents on the parquet floor, especially in the area of ​​low and medium-heavy weights. Furthermore, the neoprene surface is comparatively easy to clean. A damp cloth with water is often enough to gently remove residue from sweat and the like.


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