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Gorilla Sports Power Tower Deluxe

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The Power Tower Deluxe in detail

If you have less space in your own four walls and still want to carry out a large number of exercises, then the Powertower is the right tool for you. With or without additional weights, here you can immediately lospower and work specifically on your desired muscle groups.

Hard facts of our Power Tower:

  • Dead weight: 30 kg
  • Maximum total dimensions (LxDxH): 110 x 112 x 216 cm
  • Width of the pull-up bar above: 108 cm
  • Load capacity: 115 kg
  • Pull-up bar, dip handles and arm and back cushions are included
  • Packaging dimensions: 125 x 63 x 12.5 cm


  • Pull-ups
  • Dips
  • Leg raises
  • Push ups many more

Exercises with your own body weight have been very popular for many years, with functional exercises proving to be more and more important. Emerging from this is the current megatrend Freeletics – exercises which increase the powerful movements of the body in every way, to an art form. The aim is to attract targeted muscle groups not just a particular muscle, but also to increase the overall fitness and to train muscle coordination and controlled movement. The Power Tower combines several pieces of equipment that are designed for exactly this purpose and enables you to train in the smallest space in your own home. You no longer need to go in search of a playground with appropriate equipment! The workout range includes a variety of different exercises such as pull-ups, dips and leg raises on, to raised push-ups on the mounting step. The Power Tower can even be used whilst performing upside-down push-ups - the back pad serves as a support for this.

And what else should you know about the Power Tower?

Stable and robust - this is how the Powertower presents itself and guarantees you complete safety during your exercises. Thanks to the step aids and the sophisticated structure of the design, you do not have to fear a crash even during an intensive workout. The overall solution for your upper body also includes a pull-up bar, dip handles and the matching arm and back cushions. With the appropriate belt or gorilla weights, you can further intensify the training and make it even more demanding. The many variation options of our tower allow you to do a lot of exercises, where you mainly work with your own body weight - it can hardly be healthier.


If this product isn't quite right for your fitness needs, we offer a 14 day back guarantee.


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