Gorilla Sports Gymnastic Rings

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Description: The Gorilla Sports Gymnastics Rings boast a 23-centimeter diameter and come equipped with two sturdy straps featuring quick releases for easy assembly. These tear-resistant belts can withstand up to 200 kilograms, offering a wide range of exercises to suit your fitness needs.

The unique feature of gymnastics rings lies in their free and loose swinging motion. Utilizing these rings for push-ups presents a substantial challenge that rewards you with muscle growth, requiring constant compensation from your arm muscles. Leg exercises take on a new dimension, revealing your true fitness level.


  • Due to the rings' flexibility, your body constantly balances itself during exercises, effectively targeting core and back muscles.
  •  A practical advantage of gymnastics rings is their versatility – you can hang them practically anywhere, even on sturdy tree branches. This flexibility allows you to take your training outdoors, enjoying the fresh air as an added stimulus.
  • Effective for strength and muscle building using your body weight
  • Robust and tear-resistant construction
  • Quick attachment to ceilings, trees, poles, and various other options
  • Easy and swift assembly with quick releases
  • Maximum load capacity: 200 kg
  • Ring material: plastic / Rope material: solid nylon
  • Length: approximately 450 cm each for individual height adjustment
  • Dimensions - Belt width: 2.5 cm / Ring diameter: 23 cm / Inner diameter: 18 cm / Ring thickness: 3 cm
  • Weight of gymnastics rings: 1.7 kg
  • Easy transport for flexible training at home and outdoors

Elevate your fitness routine with the convenience and effectiveness of our plastic gymnastics rings set.