Maxxus Cross Trainer CX 9.1

SKU: MX600035-00019-0001

Description: The cockpit of the MAXXUS cross trainer CX 9.1 comes equipped with a latest-generation Bluetooth receiver, enabling the use of training APPs such as iC+Training, Kinomap, and MyHomeFit (available for Android only). Control your cross trainer via smartphone or tablet PC, save training data, track your training history, and successfully manage the achievement of your training goals. Increase your motivation with a selection of extensive training routes and add variety to your endurance training.


  • Two high-quality braking systems: air resistance + electronic magnetic brake
  • Compact design - space-saving, suitable for small rooms
  • Bluetooth receiver for using the APPs iC+ Training, Kinomap & MyHomeFit (Android)
  • Stride length of 52 cm for a healthy, natural & effective running movement
  • Stable steel frame construction for a maximum user weight of 150 kg
  • POLAR receiver for ECG precise heart rate measurement*
  • Studio-quality ball bearings and rollers
  • Transport wheels & transport handle for easy moving around the room
  • The solid steel frame construction of the CX 9.1 allows users to train with up to 150 kg of body weight daily.
  •  Offering two braking systems - an electronically controlled magnetic braking system with 24 braking levels, and an air resistance system - the CX 9.1 provides users with versatile and effective resistance options.
  • The air resistance system adapts to training speed and provides cooling through integrated ventilation.
  • The pedal spacing/Q-factor of the CX 9.1's treads is 10 cm, enabling an optimal stance that puts minimal strain on the knees, hips, or ankles and allows for an ergonomic, healthy running movement that is gentle on the joints.
  • The large tread surfaces feature a honeycomb-shaped anti-slip pad, preventing slipping during training.
  • The elliptical running movement of the CX 9.1 consists of a stride length of 52 cm and a stride height of 21 cm. 
  • The modern and clearly arranged cockpit provides information about all relevant training values at a glance.
  • Quick start function and numerous training profiles and programs, including heart rate control, users can enjoy targeted and controlled training sessions.
  • The CX 9.1 cross trainer is equipped with high-quality hand pulse sensors for checking the current pulse rate. 
  • High-quality transport wheels and a transport handle make it easy to move the CX 9.1 around the room. Five feet with floor height adjustment ensure a secure and stable stand, even on slightly uneven floor conditions.