Gorilla Sports Power Lifting Station

SKU: AU100832-00001-0001
$959.99 $1,199.99

Description: Elevate your home gym experience with the high-quality powerlifting squat from Gorilla Sports, offering extensive equipment for strength and performance training. Crafted from solid steel, the Power Lifting Station boasts two height-adjustable safety shelves with twenty adjustable settings, along with two dip bars for comprehensive squat support exercises. Additionally, four short safety racks for dumbbells can be conveniently mounted either inside or outside the station.

The integrated pull-up bar, standing at 2.14 meters tall, provides five grip options for versatile training. Furthermore, the included lat pulldown features upper and lower cable pulleys, complete with a lat pulldown bar and a biceps/triceps bar. To ensure seamless setup, two 50mm spring clasps are provided. Complement your workout with the appropriate weight plates from the extensive Gorilla Sports range.


  • Two height-adjustable safety shelves with attachable dip bars
  • Lat pulldown apparatus featuring upper and lower cable pulleys, lat pulldown and biceps/triceps bars
  • Pull-up bar offering five grip options
  • Four short dumbbell racks
  • Weight carriage compatible with 50mm hole diameter weight plates
  • Two spring clasps
  • Dimensions: 154.5 x 164 x 214.5 cm (length, width, height)
  • Internal dimensions: 117 cm, external dimensions: 124 cm
  • Suitable for dumbbell bars with a minimum internal dimension of 124 cm
  • Distance between dip handles: 55 cm
  • Weight: 122 kg
  • The plate holders are designed to accommodate both 30/31mm and 50/51mm weight plates, facilitated by included adapters with a 50/51mm diameter. Alternatively, the plate holders, with a 28mm diameter, can be utilized without the adapter for 30/31mm weight plates.

Max Load Capacities of the Power Lifting Station:

  • Total: 300kg
  • Multi pull-up bar: 250 KG
  • Each weight plate holder: 130 KG
  • Each dip handle: 130 KG
  • Cable pull: 300KG
  • Short dumbbell racks: 150 KG
  • Long dumbbell racks: 200 KG