Gorilla Sports Plyo Box

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Description: The Gorilla Sports Plyo Box can help you achieve precisely this goal. Whether you prefer to train at a height of 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, or 60 cm, it's entirely up to you and your training proficiency. Using this equipment is simple! Once it's been set up to your desired position and height, you're ready to go.


  • Jump boxes for plyometric training
  • Designed to improve jumping and speed strength
  • Available in 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, and 60 cm heights
  • Maximum reachable height: 150 cm
  • Color: Black
  • Inner material: Foam
  • Outer material: PVC
  • Weight of individual boxes: 15cm: 5.5kg, 30cm: 6.5kg, 45cm: 7.5kg, 60cm: 8.5kg
  • Maximum load capacity: 135 kg