Gorilla Sports Adjustable Incline/Decline Bench with Preacher Curl

SKU: 100770-00022-0001

Description: Delve into the intricacies of our adjustable incline bench with a curl desk, presented in meticulous detail. Detailed and innovative, this bench offers a fully adjustable incline coupled with a curl desk. Its myriad setting options provide you with the perfect platform for targeting various muscle groups. Moreover, it facilitates stomach workouts with its seven-step adjustable backrest, enabling even decline crunches effortlessly.


  • 7-way adjustable backrest
  • 4-way adjustable seat cushion
  • Maximum load capacity for seat: 130 kg
  • Maximum load capacity for curl desk: 100 kg
  • Maximum load capacity for backrest: 280 kg
  • Maximum total load capacity: 250 kg
  • Maximum height: 190 cm


  • Complete: (LxWxH) 153 x 55 x 52.5-125.5 cm
  • Cushion Height: 52.5 - 125.5 cm
  • Dumbbell Receiving Surface: 33 cm
  • Lounger Cushion: (LxWxH) 71 x 24 x 4.5cm
  • Curl Desk: (LxWxH) 44 x 29 x 7 cm

To elevate your training further, consider pairing this high-quality incline bench with an EZ bar or dumbbells for added excitement and variety.