MAXXUS Multipress 9.1

SKU: MX600020-00019-0001

Description: Featuring an extremely stable tubular steel construction weighing in at 230kg, the MAXXUS® Massive Multi-Press 9.1 offers unparalleled stability for heavy-duty workouts. Its ball-bearing barbell bar can handle a maximum load of 250kg, while the massive training bench boasts a 300kg maximum load capacity. The package includes training handles for duplex, lat pull-down, and rowing stations, along with quality steel ropes with nylon coating tested up to 1,000kg. Additionally, it comes equipped with a built-in duplex station, pull-up station, dips station, and suspension for a punching bag. Compatible with weight plates featuring a hole diameter of 50/51 mm.


  • Extra Heavy Design: The tubular steel construction of the Multi-Press 9.1 impresses with its excellent workmanship and stability.
  • Separate Training Bench: The included training bench stands securely on the floor thanks to its heavy steel construction, ensuring it can withstand load changes and high user weights. With a maximum load capacity of 300kg.
  • Adjustable Backrest of the Training Bench: The backrest of the training bench is adjustable in multiple ways, enabling a wide range of exercises from negative bench presses to high incline bench presses. Quick adjustment allows for easy angle changes in seconds.
  • Training Bench Modules: Included in the package are a removable curling desk, adjustable in height for effective arm training, and a leg curler for comprehensive leg workouts. Both feature extra-thick padding for comfort.
  • Bench Press at a High Level: The ball-bearing barbell bar provides a studio-like training experience, with smooth running guides suitable for both light and heavy loads. The barbell bar features ribbing in the holding area for optimal grip and can hold up to 300 kg.
  • Duplex Station: Instead of a simple lat pull-down, the Multi-Press 9.1 offers a duplex station with two cable connections, allowing for a variety of pulling exercises. The station comes with two individual handles, supporting a maximum weight of 150kg.
  • Rowing Station: The rowing station facilitates effective back exercises with a maximum load capacity of 150 kg. The rowing handle is included, and the cable connection allows for various pulling exercises from below.
  • Lat Pull-Down: With two cable connections from above, the Multi-Press 9.1 accommodates lat pull-down exercises using individual handles or a lat pull-down bar. Both cable connections can be used independently, providing versatility in training.
  • Dip Station: Two modules for dips are included, adjustable to different heights to accommodate varying body sizes. This exercise targets the triceps, shoulders, and chest muscles, enhancing overall strength training.
  • Butterfly Module: The Multi-Press 9.1 features a butterfly module with comfortable padding, suitable for butterfly exercises with weights up to 150kg. The cable-controlled system provides ample support for proper form and posture during workouts.
  • Quality: The Multi-Press 9.1 boasts exceptional quality, reflecting the expertise of its developers, who are advanced strength athletes. The construction prioritizes safety, effectiveness, and durability.
  • Ergonomics Over Compact Design: Unlike typical multi-presses and multi-gyms that sacrifice ergonomics for compactness, the Multi-Press 9.1 prioritizes effective and ergonomic training. Ample space ensures exercises can be performed correctly, promoting optimal workout results.