Gorilla Sports Folding X Frame Ergometer Bike

SKU: 100940-00049-0001

Description: The X-Frame bike from Gorilla Sports captivates at first sight with its X-shaped frame and innovative functionality. Its ergonomic design and smooth pedaling movements enhance the overall experience. One of its practical advantages is its compact size - fitting seamlessly into any apartment without occupying much space. It's an ideal bike for individuals and athletes who value space efficiency.


  • Installation dimensions (LxWxH): 83 x 48 x 113 cm
  • Dimensions when folded (LxWxH): 44 x 36 x 135 cm
  • Maximum load capacity of 100 kg
  • Features 8 resistance levels, adjustable via a rotary knob
    • Power levels in Watts: 10W, 25W, 45W, 65W, 80W, 100W, 110W, and 122W
    • Power levels in Newton: 1.5N, 4N, 7N, 10N, 12.5N, 16N, 18N, and 20N
  • Suitable for individuals with a height range of 1.50 m to 1.90 m
  • Foldable design for quick and convenient storage
  • Height-adjustable seat