Gorilla Sports Speed Rope

SKU: 100844-00038-0161

Description: The Gorilla Sports Skipping Rope / Speed ​​Rope sits comfortably in the hands with its long black plastic handles and offers a wide range of training options with lengths of either 213, 243, 274 or 300 cm.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor training for beginners and advanced users
  • Is easy and flexible to take with you
  • Has a length of 213 cm in red, 243 cm in blue, 274 cm in yellow, and 300 cm in turquoise
  • Is made of durable plastic
  • Is equipped with black long plastic handles

Get fit:

With the Speed ​​Rope you get lightweight training accessory that you can take with you anywhere and with which you can easily train outdoors. If you're looking for an easy, effective workout that burns lots of calories, skipping rope training is your thing. You use your own body weight and vary the exercises depending on your fitness level. With well-thought-out interval training, you can sustainably improve your endurance while visibly toning your body and unleashing your inner beast!