Maxxus Cross Trainer CX 6.1

SKU: MX600002-00019-0001

Description: The MAXXUS CX 6.1 Cross Trainer is designed with high-end components to provide a superior full-body workout experience for health-conscious individuals. The MAXXUS CX 6.1 Cross Trainer offers challenging cardio training, improves general fitness, aids in fat burning, and can even be used for physical therapy. With its innovative features and exceptional quality, it provides an effective and enjoyable workout experience for users of all fitness levels.


  • Flat Ellipse & Large Stride Length: Featuring a flat ellipse with a pitch of approximately 190 mm and a stride length of 580 mm, the CX 6.1 enables a realistic and joint-friendly elliptical running movement, ensuring optimal protection for your joints.
  • Cockpit: The cross trainer is equipped with an extra-large, multi-colored LCD display with blue backlighting for easy readability. The display shows various training values such as time, calorie consumption, distance, speed, revolutions per minute, watts, and pulse/heart rate*. The operation of the cockpit is simple and user-friendly.
  • Bluetooth and App Connection: With Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect the cross trainer to a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet using the inconsole+ app. This allows you to control the cross trainer via the app if desired, providing additional convenience and functionality.
  • Programs & Training Profiles: The CX 6.1 offers a wide range of training programs, including manual programs, fixed training profiles, heart rate-controlled programs, and a constant watt program, providing maximum variety and motivation for your workouts. Recovery pulse measurement is also available.
  • Pulse Measurement: Ergonomically positioned hand pulse sensors enable quick and comfortable monitoring of your current pulse during training, ensuring that you stay within your target heart rate zone.
  • Heart Rate Measurement: The cockpit comes with a POLAR® compatible receiver, allowing you to measure and display your current heart rate in conjunction with an optional uncoded transmitter chest strap.
  • Electronically Controlled Permanent Magnetic Brake System: The CX 6.1 features a friction-free and wear-free permanent magnetic brake system with 16 electronically adjustable resistance levels, providing smooth and quiet operation.
  • Healthy Training Through Healthy Posture: Designed for optimal ergonomic posture during training, the CX 6.1 ensures a natural and comfortable movement pattern, minimizing the risk of joint problems.
  • Transport Rollers and Floor Height Adjustment: Two transport rollers on the front base allow for easy movement of the cross trainer, while six adjustable feet ensure a secure and stable stance on uneven floors.
  • Premium Design: The CX 6.1 boasts a modern and timeless design, with high-quality components and professional stability, making it a standout addition to any home gym.
  • Low Power Consumption: Meeting legal requirements for power consumption, the CX 6.1 operates with minimal power usage during both standby and active modes.