Gorilla Sports Pro Lat Machine - Black

SKU: 100840-00019-0001
$455.99 $569.99

Description: This multi-fitness device is designed to elevate your workout experience with its padded, height-adjustable seat and smooth-running rollers equipped with ball bearings. With two cable pulleys included, along with a lat pull-down bar and a triceps bar, this tower offers versatile training options. Utilise commercially available weight plates with 30/31 mm perforations as weight resistance, and easily switch between sets using the included spring fasteners.


  • Holder for 25 mm weight plates, maximum load capacity of 300 kg
  • Recording area per side: 23 cm
  • Maximum user weight: 300 kg
  • Maximum height: 190 cm
  • Installation dimensions (L x W x H): 154 cm x 83 cm x 210 cm
  • Weight plates not included
  • Weight of the weight sled: 3 kg
  • Total Weight: 43 kg

The Multi-Lat Tower offers more than just lat pull-downs. With this device, you can perform a variety of exercises to target different muscle groups effectively, designed to provide versatility, comfort, and effective results for your fitness journey.