Gorilla Sports Heavy Hand Grip - Aluminium / Black

SKU: 100561-00055-0089
$13.99 $19.99

Description: The Aluminum Finger Dumbbell Heavy Hand Grip in Black from Gorilla Sports is designed to bolster your finger strength through resistance training, effectively fortifying your forearms. This enables you to unlock your full potential during strength training while sculpting well-defined forearms.


  • Comfortable Design: The Heavy Hand Grip features an ergonomic design, with a handle diameter of 18 mm and aluminum handles, ensuring a comfortable grip. The sleek black spring, constructed from special pressure steel, offers  resistance to enhance your hand and forearm strength.
  • Handle diameter: 18 mm
  • Length: approximately 13 cm
  • Width: approximately 10 cm
  • High-quality compression steel spring in black
  • Engraved weight
  • 100lbs (45.3kg), 150lbs (67.95kg), 200lbs (90.60kg), 250lbs (113.25kg), 300lbs (135.90kg)