MAXXUS Exercise Bike 90 Pro

SKU: MX600053-00019-0001

Description: The bike generates its own electricity while you pedal, eliminating the need for a power connection nearby. You can operate the bike wherever you want, providing flexibility in placement. Displays time, calorie consumption, distance, speed, revolutions per minute, pulse, and heart rate*. The operation of the cockpit is user-friendly and straightforward.


  • Built-in power generator
  • Easy-to-use cockpit with training programs
  • Bottom bracket set with high-quality industrial bearings
  • Finely balanced 15kg flywheel to prevent vibrations
  • Stable tubular steel construction for a maximum user weight of 150kg
  • Ergonomic sitting position for healthy training
  • Horizontal and vertical seat adjustment
  • Smartphone/tablet holder
  • USB charging socket
  • Fixed and manually controllable programs offer variety and entertainment during training. Automatic resistance control based on desired heart rate is possible in heart rate programs. A radio heart rate belt (available separately) is required for this feature.
  • Hand pulse sensors on the handles allow for quick and comfortable monitoring of the current pulse during training.
  • The cockpit comes equipped with a receiver for a radio heart rate belt. When using an uncoded radio heart rate belt, the cockpit automatically displays the current heart rate.
  • Heart rate-controlled training programs adjust the braking force depending on the user's target heart rate, ensuring controlled, safe, and effective training.
  • The friction-free and wear-free magnetic brake system offers even, quiet, and comfortable cardio training. Resistance levels can be adjusted electronically, and training programs are computer-controlled.
  • The electronically balanced 15kg flywheel ensures optimal concentricity without vibrations or noise, providing a quiet and joint-friendly workout.
  • Equipped with a high-quality poly-V longitudinal ribbed belt drive system, ensuring full power transmission without significant performance loss.
  • The MAXXUS® 90 PRO operates quietly and smoothly, thanks to high-quality materials and construction.
  • Profiled pedals with adjustable pedal straps provide a secure grip and prevent slipping during training.
  • The tailored and well-padded seat can be easily adjusted vertically and horizontally for maximum comfort during long training sessions.
  • Two transport rollers at the front of the bike facilitate easy movement on flat surfaces.