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Maxxus Exercise Bike 90 Pro

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MAXXUS® Ergometer 90 PRO for effective cardio training in your own four walls

• With built-in power generator
• Easy-to-use cockpit with training programs
• Bottom bracket set with high-quality industrial bearings
• Finely balanced 15kg flywheel against vibrations
• Stable tubular steel construction for a maximum user weight of 150kg
• Ergonomic seating position for healthy training
• Horizontal and vertical seat adjustment
• Smartphone / tablet holder
• USB charging socket
Built-in power generator
The ergometer generates its own electricity while you are pedaling. You do not need a power connection near the device, but can operate the ergometer wherever you want.

displays time, calories burned, distance, speed, revolutions per minute, pulse and heart rate *. The operation of the cockpit is kept simple.

Programs and training

profiles Fixed and manually controllable programs offer variety in training and make every training session entertaining. Automatic resistance control according to the desired heart rate is possible in the heart rate programs. An optionally available radio heart rate belt is required for this. Enter the desired training time or a distance as a training goal. Or simply train without any guidelines and control the ergometer manually.

The selection of training programs of the MAXXUS exercise bike 90 Pro leaves nothing to be desired:
  • Quickstart function
  • Manual program
  • 12 fixed interval programs
  • 4 user programs to save your own profiles
  • Heart rate programs for automatic training based on heart rate
  • BMI and body fat analysis
  • Recovery recovery heart rate measurement

Pulse measurement The ergonomically attached hand pulse sensors of the MAXXUS Ergometer 90 Pro enable quick and convenient control of the current pulse during training.
Wireless heart rate measurement

The cockpit of the MAXXUS® 90 PRO is already equipped with a receiver for a radio heart rate belt as standard. When using an uncoded radio heart rate belt (transmission frequency 5 kHz), the cockpit automatically displays the current heart rate. This can be used in the heart rate program to let the program regulate the resistance automatically.
We recommend the uncoded Polar® heart rate belt T34.
This is available in our shop.
Heart rate control *

The cockpit of the MAXXUS® 90 PRO has heart rate controlled training programs. When using an uncoded chest strap (optionally available), the cockpit controls the braking force depending on the target heart rate of the user.
Controlled, safe and effective - training couldn't be better. Heart rate control is a must, especially for beginners, those returning to the sport and users who, on the advice of their doctor, should train with controlled heart rates.

* only in connection with a wireless heart rate belt - optionally available.
Electronically controlled magnetic brake system

The MAXXUS® 90 PRO is equipped with a frictionless and therefore wear-free, extremely low-noise and extremely uniform permanent magnetic brake. The resistance levels can be adjusted electronically and the training programs are computer-controlled. The magnetic brake system enables even, very quiet and comfortable cardio training.


The approx. 15 kg flywheel of the MAXXUS Ergometer 90 Pro is electronically balanced. This enables optimal concentricity without vibrations and noises. The result is a quiet and very even training that is easy on the joints.
Drive system and transmission ratio

The MAXXUS exercise bike 90 Pro is equipped with one of the highest quality drive systems currently available, a poly-V longitudinal ribbed belt, also known as a grooved belt. This system enables full power transmission without a great loss of power, which is primarily expressed in simple devices by slipping of the belt and uneven pedaling. The MAXXUS® 90 PRO impresses with its even concentricity.
Low running noise

The MAXXUS® 90 PRO is particularly quiet and smooth-running. This means that neither roommates nor neighbors are bothered by the training. The materials used for the drive system are of high quality and durable, as you can expect from an ergometer in this class.

In order to make the training as comfortable and ergonomic as possible, the MAXXUS Ergometer 90 Pro has profiled pedals. These prevent slipping and, in combination with the adjustable pedal straps, provide a good hold.
Ergonomically shaped seat

So that long training sessions do not become a torture, the MAXXUS Ergometer 90 Pro has been equipped with a tailored and well padded seat. The seat can be easily adjusted in the vertical and horizontal directions using a quick-release fastener.
Transport castors

To move the MAXXUS® 90 PRO around the room, two transport castors are attached to the front of the ergometer. This makes it easy to move on flat surfaces.