Gorilla Sports Agility Ladder Double

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Description: Speed and precision are essential in many sports. Whether you're training for football, martial arts, or tennis, the Agility / Coordination Ladder in yellow offers numerous effective exercise options. Simply roll out the ladder and place it on the floor to serve as a boundary for your step sequences and jumps. You can move sideways, backwards, or with lateral steps. Begin at a slow pace to master the steps and gradually increase speed. Challenge yourself against the clock or compete with teammates for added excitement. It's both enjoyable and beneficial for enhancing your speed and skill.


  • Dimensions (Length x Width) for Variant 2: 3.85 m x 0.82 m
  • Loops for easy folding
  • Black and yellow color scheme
  • Weight approximately 1.5 kg
  • 12 adjustable steps: Length 42 cm, Width 3 cm
  • Material: Tear-resistant nylon, sturdy plastic
  • Foldable design for quick storage
  • Convenient transportation