Gorilla Sports Bulgarian Bag - Black

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Description: The Bulgarian Bag stands out as a particularly versatile training tool. Originally conceived by a Bulgarian trainer to enhance the strength and endurance training of wrestlers, this crescent-shaped sandbag is now increasingly popular in fitness studios. Its basic principle is simple yet effective: you perform movement exercises, running drills, and fitness routines with added weight. The sandbag features multiple handle loops, allowing it to be lifted like a dumbbell or swung around the body's axis as a weight. During push-ups, squats, or running sessions, the power bag rests comfortably around your neck, adding extra resistance to your movements thanks to its soft filling.


  • Outer cover: durable and tear-resistant synthetic leather
  • Stable filling material comprising sand and steel gravel
  • Available weight levels: 12 kg and 22.5 kg
  • Special features: tapered gripping ends and a total of 5 grip loops
  • Dynamic and varied: training with the Power Bag

Weight and dimensions:

12 kg (dimensions: length x width x height: 68 x 22 x 48 cm)

22.5 kg (dimensions: length x width x height: 70 x 24 x 48 cm)