Gorilla Sports Squat Rack

SKU: 100122-00019-0001

Description: Are you looking for a comfortable place to rest your barbell so you can perform effective exercises without a training partner? It consists of two columns that are set up separately. Solid double-T-shaped feet prevent the construction from tipping over under lateral load. The upper support for the barbell can be adjusted to a height between 105 and 172 cm using a simple mechanism (measured at the top edge of the holder). A second storage option is used for exercises with a bench. When you don't need the barbell stand, you can store it in a corner to save space or use it as attractive storage for your dumbbells.


  • 1 pair of barbell stands for bench and squat exercises
  • Shelf height adjustable
  • Includes assembly instructions
  • Freely adjustable width
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 52 x 53 x 105-172 cm
  • Shelf height of the lower support: 47.5 cm - 72.5 cm (6-way adjustable)
  • Shelf height of the top support: 105 cm - 172 cm (14-way adjustable)
  • Max. load capacity: Upper support: 400 kg, Lower support: 500 kg