Maxxus AirRow

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The Classic for Realistic Rowing:

The AirRow rowing machine combines a chain hoist with an air resistance system, providing an exceptionally realistic rowing experience. Here are the key features and benefits of the AirRow:

Realistic Rowing Experience: The combination of the chain hoist and air resistance system delivers a fluid and jerk-free rowing motion, mimicking the feel of rowing on water.

Flexible and Easy to Use: With no requirement for a power connection, the AirRow offers flexibility in choosing its location. Its simple and user-friendly cockpit design makes it suitable for the whole family without the need for extensive training or adjustment.

Tilt-Adjustable Training Computer: The training computer features a clear LCD display that can be easily read from any angle. It allows for the adjustment of resistance across 9 levels and provides an overview of essential training data, including speed, training time, distance, calorie counter, rowing strokes, rowing strokes per minute, distance per rowing stroke, and heart rate*.

Variety of Training Programs: Enjoy 3 interval programs and a training game that add variety and motivation to your workouts.

Highly Effective and Joint-Friendly: Rowing offers a full-body workout that improves heart health, circulation, and physical fitness while strengthening core muscles. It's suitable for users of all ages and abilities, offering high calorie consumption, increased fat burning, and improved endurance performance.

Space-Saving Design: With compact dimensions of 240 x 62 x 106 cm, the AirRow is ideal for small spaces and home gyms. It can be quickly disassembled into two parts without the need for tools, making storage convenient. Stable transport wheels on the front leg ensure easy mobility, allowing the rowing machine to be moved effortlessly by one person. The casters are suitable for all types of floor coverings.

The AirRow rowing machine provides an effective, efficient, and enjoyable way to achieve your fitness goals while offering the convenience of home training. With its sturdy construction, realistic rowing experience, and user-friendly design, it's the perfect choice for anyone looking to incorporate rowing into their exercise routine.