Gorilla Sports Olympic Swiss Bar - Black

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Description: Thanks to the Swiss Bar from Gorilla Sports, you can finally transform your home into your own home studio. Choosing a Swiss Bar is ideal because the many grip options allow you to train a number of different exercises with it.


  • With 3 different grip widths, it offers a variety of different grip options
  • To strengthen the muscles of the chest, biceps, triceps, back and shoulders
  • Joint-friendly hammer grip and neutral grip position possible
  • Stable and durable steel construction
  • Width: 19cm
  • Length: 211cm
  • Handle length: 82 cm
  • Handle spacing: 7 cm; 9.5cm; 12cm
  • Handle/receptacle diameter: 50 mm
  • Recording area: 40 cm per side
  • Maximum load: 150kg
  • Weight: 10 kg