Gorilla Sports Barbell Bar 170cm - Spinlock Star Collars - Black

SKU: 100060-00019-0066

Description: The black barbell bar with a length of 170 cm from Gorilla Sports lets you strengthen the muscle groups in your shoulders, arms, back, and legs and, in combination with the bench, train yourself to have a defined chest. You can also find the right weight plates in a wide range of weight classes at Gorilla Sports.


  • A length of 170 cm
  • A mounting diameter of 30 mm for standard weight plates with a 31 mm hole diameter
  • An inside handle size of 107 cm and receiving areas of 31.1 cm on each side
  • A grip length of 20 cm per side
  • A distance between the grip surfaces of 46 cm
  • A dead weight of 10 kg and a maximum load capacity of 200 kg
  • Two included star locks to secure the windows
  • Included in delivery: barbell bar including 2 star locks

The black barbell bar is made of solid steel and finished with a chrome alloy.