Gorilla Sports Dumbbell Bar with Star Collars 35cm - Black

SKU: 100080-00019-0055

Description: For those seeking convenience and efficiency, this black dumbbell bar equipped with a star lock is the perfect workout companion. The star lock facilitates swift and targeted weight changes, enabling seamless transitions between exercises and supersets with minimal effort, leaving your muscles feeling invigorated.


  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Recording area per side: 10.5 cm
  • Recording diameter: 30 mm
  • Handle inner dimension: 12 cm
  • Total length: 35 cm
  • Included in delivery: 2 star clasps
  • Maximum load capacity: 100 kg
  • High-quality chrome plating ensures durability
  • Suitable for weight plates with a hole diameter of 31 mm
  • Knurled grip surface ensures a firm and non-slip hold
  • The quality chrome plating of the dumbbell bar is robust and can easily withstand a maximum load of 100 kg, ensuring durability even in intense workout environments.
  • The clearly visible markings and the noticeable grip knurling ensure a secure hold throughout your training sessions.
  • The star clasp can be easily removed and attached, facilitating smooth weight adjustments, even when your hands are sweaty.
  • With a diameter of 31 millimeters, the bar accommodates all standard discs, such as Gorilla weights, available in a wide selection at the shop.