Gorilla Sports Pro Olympic Vinyl Tri Grip Weight Plate - 50mm - Black

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Description: The 50/51 mm weight plates from Gorilla Sports complement your home gym as high-quality training accessories. You use them for dumbbell and barbell bars with an Olympic-sized diameter of 50/51 mm. The weight plates have floor-friendly Vinyl grippers and are available in different weights.

Available in Seven Weight Classes: You can find the black weight plates with plastic grippers at Gorilla Sports with weights of 1.25/2.5/5/10/15/20/25 kg each. With this variety, you are flexible in designing your training intensity. The ergonomic interventions on the sides also allow them to be used without dumbbell bars - for example, during functional training.


  • In professional studio quality
  • With an Olympic-sized recording diameter of 50/51 mm
  • Feature plastic grippers
  • Protect the floor
  • Are available in 7 weight classes: 1.25/2.5/5/10/15/20/25 kg
  • The interventions also make them suitable for functional training


  • 1.25kg: Diameter - 17cm, Width - 3cm
  • 2.5kg: Diameter - 20cm, Width - 3.5cm
  • 5kg: Diameter - 23cm, Width - 4.5cm
  • 10kg: Diameter - 30cm, Width - 5cm
  • 15kg: Diameter - 36cm, Width - 5cm
  • 20kg: Diameter - 42.5cm, Width - 5cm
  • 25kg: Diameter - 44.5cm, Width - 5.5cm

Note: Each weight plate is sold individually.