Gorilla Sports Vinyl Dumbbell Set 20KG

SKU: 100075-00006-0025
$55.99 $79.99

Description: Is every beginning difficult? No way: With this vinyl dumbbell set 20 kg, you take the first step towards a trained body. The set contains two dumbbell bars and an assortment of eight weight plates. It allows you to do several levels up to a total weight of 12.5 kg on one dumbbell or 10 kg on both dumbbells. The weight plates are covered with vinyl. This dampens noise when you put it down and protects sensitive floors from dents and scratches. And with the star locks, the weights stay securely on the bar.

Features, Weight and Dimensions:

  • 4 weight plates of 1.25 kg each, hole diameter 30 mm, diameter 16.5 cm, width 3.3 cm
  • 4 weight plates of 2.5 kg each, hole diameter 30 mm, diameter 21 cm, width 4.3 cm
  • 2 dumbbell bars length 35 cm, receiving surfaces 10.5 cm
  • 4 star locks to secure the panes