Gorilla Sports Multi-Gym Universal Workstation with 105KG Vinyl Set - White

SKU: 100411-00006-0050

Description: This versatile multi-gym offers comprehensive training for your shoulders, chest, arms, legs, and core. Weighing approximately 40 kg and equipped with rubberized feet, the multi-gym ensures safety and stability. With a maximum weight capacity of 180 kg for the weight racks and bench, 60 kg for the leg curler, and 40 kg for each butterfly arm, it's perfect for dedicated fitness enthusiasts.

The package includes a complete dumbbell set totalling 105 kg. This set comprises weight plates of various sizes, barbells, dumbbell bars, and star locks for securing the weights. The weight plates feature durable, floor-friendly plastic covers and a hole diameter of 30/31 mm.

Featuring numerous elements and features, such as the 6-way adjustable backrest with pulley module, 5-way adjustable barbell rack with safety features and integrated dip handles, 3-way adjustable curl bench with dumbbell rack, 3-way adjustable leg curler, and butterfly arms, this multi-gym ensures diverse and engaging workouts. Quick-change connections facilitate easy accessory swaps, providing endless workout possibilities.

Measuring approximately 210 x 122.5 x 70 cm, the Universal Multi-Gym is suitable for smaller spaces. 


  • 1x Universal Multi-Gym Weight Bench:
  • 6-way adjustable backrest with cable pull module
  • 5-way adjustable barbell rack with safety features and integrated dip handles
  • 3-way adjustable curl bench with dumbbell rack
  • 3-way adjustable leg curler
  • Butterfly arms
  • Integrated stands for unused equipment
  • Secure stability with own weight and rubberized feet
  • Fast and safe quick adjustment of the locking pin
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Maximum load: Butterfly arms: 40 kg each, Leg curler: 60 kg, Dumbbell racks: 180 kg, Weight bench: 180 kg
  • Dimensions (length x width x height): Complete: approximately 210 x 122.5 x 70 cm, Back cushion: 68 x 28 x 4 cm, Seat height: 44 cm, Curl pad: 28 x 44 x 4 cm (shelf width approximately 32.5 cm), Inner dimensions of dumbbell rack: 60 cm / outer dimensions of dumbbell rack: 70 cm
  • 1x 100 KG Plastic Complete Set:
  • 4 weight plates: 1.25 kg each (diameter 16.5 cm, width 3.3 cm)
  • 4 weight plates: 2.5 kg each (diameter 21 cm, width 4.3 cm)
  • 2 weight plates: 7.5 kg each (diameter 30 cm, width 5.5 cm)
  • 2 weight plates: 10 kg each (diameter 33 cm, width 5.7 cm)
  • 2 weight plates: 15 kg each (diameter 41 cm, width 7 cm)
  • Durable, floor-friendly plastic cover
  • Hole diameter of all weight plates: 30/31 mm
  • 1 barbell bar: 170 cm (weight: 10 kg)
  • Recording area per side: 31.1 cm
  • 1 SZ curl dumbbell bar: 120 cm (weight: 8 kg)
  • Recording area per side: 18 cm
  • 2 dumbbell bars: 35 cm each (weight: 2.5 kg each)
  • Receiving surface per dumbbell bar and side: 10.5 cm
  • 8 star locks to secure the weights
  • Weight of dumbbell bars included in the set weight

The Universal Multi-Gym is available in black and white and is delivered in 6 packages, each with a maximum weight of 30 kg.