Gyronetics E-Series 25mm Dia Heavy Weight Plate Set - 30KG

SKU: GN013-00006-0032

Description: Elevate your strength training experience with the Gyronetics E-Series 25 mm weight set - 30KG. Designed for those looking to build muscle and embrace new fitness challenges, this premium quality weight set is your key to a stronger, more resilient physique.


  • Versatile Compatibility: Fits all weight bars with a 25 mm diameter, ensuring compatibility with various gym equipment.
  • Enhanced Multi-Gym Abilities: Elevate your workout routine with capabilities like leg press or butterfly exercises, taking your fitness journey to new heights.


5KG Weights (2x)

10KG Weights (2x)

Total Weight: 30KG

Upgrade Your Fitness Journey: Enrich your dumbbell set and multi-gym with the E-Series weight set M 25 mm 30KG, offering customization and intensity as you progress. Prioritize safety by considering the maximum load capacity of your weight bars when choosing weights.