Gorilla Sports EZ Curl Bar with Spinlock Star Collars 120cm Chrome

SKU: 100068-00004-0062

Description: Embracing the challenge of a rigorous workout, the SZ curl bar in chrome at 120 cm offers unparalleled benefits for targeting specific muscle groups. Its unique curved shape is designed to optimize training efficiency for your biceps and triceps, ensuring a secure grip even during intense workouts.


  • Maximum load capacity: 180 kg
  • Net weight of the bar: 7 kg (including star clasps: 8 kg)
  • Recording area per side: 18 cm
  • Inside handle measurement: 80 cm
  • Hole diameter: 30/31 mm
  • Includes 2 star clasps
  • Chrome-plated solid bar
  • Non-slip handles thanks to knurling