Gorilla Sports Crossfit Combo

SKU: AUS09-00001-1000
Description: Look no further than our meticulously curated Crossfit Bundle. This thoughtfully designed package is your key to unlocking a dynamic and effective workout regimen. Embrace the essence of Gorilla Sports - where quality, durability, and function unite. Tailored for those who demand personalization, performance, and a touch of style in their training, this all-inclusive bundle equips you with everything essential to seamlessly integrate Crossfit routines into your workouts. 
  • Versatile E-Series Dumbbell Set: Designed to amplify your strength training, our versatile E-Series dumbbell set boasts adjustable weight plates and a secure non-slip grip. Sculpt and target specific muscle groups with precision, inching closer to your desired physique.
  • Gorilla Sports 8kg Vinyl Kettlebell: Complement your dumbbell workouts with the Gorilla Sports 8kg Vinyl Kettlebell, a pivotal tool to enhance core strength, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance. From total body engagement to focused muscle work, you'll have a comprehensive arsenal at your disposal.
  • Gorilla Sports Speed Rope: Enhancing the roster, our Gorilla Sports Speed Rope allows for intense cardio sessions, helping you improve agility, coordination, and endurance.
  • Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat: Complete your toolkit with the Eco-Friendly NBR Yoga Mat, paving the way for a holistic workout experience. Seamlessly transition from heart-pumping cardio sessions to grounding yoga flows - all within the realm of your personal fitness haven.

        Bundle Includes:

        • Gyronetics E-Series Dumbbell Adjustable Set 30kg
        • Gorilla Sports Vinyl Kettlebell - Black 8kg
        • Gorilla Sports Speed Rope
        • Eco Friendly NBR Yoga Mat