Gorilla Sports Dumbell Bench set

SKU: AUS01-00001-1000

Description: Looking to build the perfect home gym for your strength training needs? Look no further than our Gorilla Sports Dumbbell Bench Set. Designed to kickstart your fitness journey, this bundle offers quality, functionality, and style all in one. This bundle combines the versatile Vinyl Tri-Grip Dumbbell Set - 20KG and the compact Foldable FID Weight Bench. With these two essential pieces of gym equipment, you'll have everything you need to perform a wide range of exercises and achieve your fitness goals right from the comfort of your own home.


  • Versatile Dumbbell Set: The Vinyl Tri-Grip Dumbbell Set - 20KG features durable vinyl-covered weight plates and secure star locks, providing noise reduction, floor protection, and endless exercise options for both beginners and fitness enthusiasts.
  • Compact Foldable FID Weight Bench: This bench offers 4-way seat and 8-way backrest adjustments, supporting up to 200 kg. Its solid steel frame and padded cushions ensure comfort and stability during your workouts, even during your toughest training sessions.

Bundle Includes:

  • Gorilla Sports Foldable FID Weight Bench
  • Vinyl Tri-Grip Dumbbell Set - 20KG

Technical Details:

  • Weight Bench Weight Capacity: Up to 200 kg
  • Dumbbell Set Weight: 20KG